Tilapia Outdoor Pond Winter Conservation Method

At present, most of the tilapia wintering methods use indoor pools. This method requires high conditions and the number of overwintering fish is limited. In order to further increase the number of overwintering fish species, winter ponds are introduced.

Protection of species:

1. Overwintering equipment outdoor pond, an area of ​​1-1.5 acres, depth of 1.7-1.8 meters, depth of 1.5-1.6 meters, the best stone walls and bottom, the bottom mud does not exceed 10 cm, the less the better, the end of the pond set water

1-2 balance pipes (1.5 m from the bottom of the pool), 1-2 sewage pipes (0.5 m from the bottom of the pool), all connected to the drainage ditch, one for the hot and cold water pipes (the two are close together. , cold water mix and then note

Into the wintering pond is better), two 1.5-kilowatt impeller-type aerators (one each for impeller and waterwheel). ?

2. Water quality conditions Water quality chemical indicators should meet the freshwater fishery water quality standards. In addition, the dissolved oxygen and water temperature should be determined by the species specification of the species and the required discharge specifications. That is, if the fish species is required to be overwintering

If there is a large increase between the two, the dissolved oxygen and water temperature should be higher; on the contrary, if only for conservation, the dissolved oxygen and water temperature may be lower. ?

3. Before and after the National Day, the fish species shall enter the pool and enter the fish into the pool. Before entering the pool, clear the pond thoroughly with quick lime. The density of the pond fish depends on the specifications of the fish species in the pond and the requirements for the pond size, ie if the species is required Wintering

After a substantial increase, the fish density should be smaller; otherwise, only for conservation, the fish density can be larger, ranging from 5-10 kg/m2. ?

4. Feed requires wintering species density, natural food is not enough food, so during the winter should be based on pool fish specifications should be fed high-quality artificial pellet feed, particle size should be with the diameter of the fish

Adapted to ensure feed palatability. ?

5. Water quality regulation The water quality regulation of high-density wintering species has three keys: dissolved oxygen, water temperature and dirt. Dissolved oxygen is regulated by an aerator, and water temperature and dirt are adjusted by changing the water. ?

Dissolved Oxygen: If the size of the fish into the pond is small and the weight is small, then after the fish is put into the pool, an impeller aerator shall be placed in the pool. The start-up time shall be controlled at 30 minutes/hour, and the fish body

Long, the boot time should be increased to 50 minutes / hour, according to the growth of the fish, should be added an aerator in due course, the boot time is two at the same time open for 40 minutes, then stop one and another to continue

Work, 20 minutes later, the two machines open at the same time, another 40 minutes to stop another 20 minutes, so reciprocating rotation boot, after April, the two machines should basically keep working day and night. ?

Water temperature: The warm water is added by the water inlet pipe, and the pool water is mixed evenly by the action of the aerator. Since the sewage pipe is generally not open, the excess pool water will be balanced from the water level as the warm water increases.

Outflow of the pipe, due to the addition of warm water and the outflow of the original pool water, the pool water can be controlled at a certain temperature. ?

Dirt: Large numbers of fish, large amounts of metabolites, and the effects of residual bait, the pool water deteriorates rapidly. Although the water level balance pipe can drain some dirt, the quantity is limited, and a large amount of dirt is still needed.

Sewage pipe discharge. When sewage is drained, open the drain valve to reduce the water level to 0.5m. Then close the valve and add water to restore the water level to 1.5m. Alternatively, open the valve to lower the water level.

At 0.5 meters, add water to the pool, flush the sediment from the pool, and drain water from the discharge pipe. Then close the valve and restore the water level to 1.5 meters. Due to frequent discharge of pollutants, water pollution from the pool can be avoided

Accumulated too much. ?

6. Feeding and management fish species began to be fed with compound feed and they were fed six times a day at time: 7:00-8:00, 9:00-10:00, 11:00-12:00, 13 :00-14:00,

15:00-16:00, 17:00-18:00. The feeding method is that after the fish species enters the pond, each time they are fed before the sound is vocalized, and then the feed is fed, and one week can form a conditional reflex of the fish. Feeding

The quantity will be determined according to the diet of the pond fish, eat more and more, eat less and less, and ensure that the pool fish become full and full, which not only satisfies the physiological needs of fish, but also improves feed utilization. ?

7. Disease prevention and treatment

The use of internal medicine and external medicine combined to prevent and treat fish diseases. Prevention: internal medicine: The way of taking medicine is to formulate the medicine into baits. There are two kinds of medicines: Chinese herbal medicine and antibiotics.

The amount of Chinese herbal medicine is 5 grams for every 10 kilograms of fish, once a month, once for three days; antibiotic dosage is 4 grams per 100 kilograms of fish, once a month, once for three days, and the two drugs are used in cross-over, half way apart.

month. External medicine: The use method is Quanchiposa. The types include: quicklime, copper sulphate and ferrous sulfate mixture (5:2), bleaching powder, Weidao disinfectant, and the dosage is 30ppm and 0.5ppm respectively.

, 1ppm and 0.5ppm, use one every 10 days, rotation use (because the bleaching powder and the Weidao disinfectant role is similar, so in each rotation, use only one). Treatment: During the winter

During the period, the fish disease that occurred was mainly trichodiasis, followed by tongue cup worm disease. The treatment was to spill the dissolved copper sulphate and ferrous sulfate mixture (5:2) into the pool in the morning and that evening on the pond.

To change the water, the method is to open the sewage pipe to reduce the pool water to 0.5 meters, then add fresh warm water to restore the pool water, which has a good therapeutic effect on fish diseases. As for the use concentration of the mixture,

In the prevention of disease, it is often used to cause the pathogen to have a certain resistance to the drug. Therefore, in the treatment of diseases, the use concentration should be properly increased according to the actual situation than the general concentration.

8. Overwintering effect Through wintering management, about 15 kg of overwintering fish species can be produced per square metre of water, and the specification is about 50 grams/tail. The survival rate is above 95% and the net income per square metre is more than 100 yuan.

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