Rice transplanter use adjustment technology essentials

Rice transplanter has the characteristics of fixed line, fixed hole, and fixed seedlings, and is a key promotion technology project. After Ji'an City Agricultural Machinery Bureau in recent years from the promotion of proof, rice mechanical transplanting has the advantages of high quality, high yield, cost, and efficiency. Accepted by many farmers. However, if it is used improperly, it will be counterproductive. The following uses the "PF455S type rice transplanter" as an example to introduce its use and adjustment techniques.

First, it is necessary to rectify Daejeon, to ensure that the field is flat, and that the quality of the field-clean field-cultivation is directly related to the quality of the rice transplanter. Therefore, intensive cultivation.
1. The field is flat. After the cultivating, the difference between the height and the height of the field is no more than 3cm.
2. The field is clean. Fields after ploughing should be free from weeds and scum. The mud on the block is rotten and the transplanter is not sinking or muddy.

Second, the seedlings are ready to be cultivated in the field, with a sharp knife cut to a disk shape according to 5828cm specifications. Pay attention to the humidity of the soil in the bottom of the seedling tray which is inserted into the rice transplanter so that it can be easily pressed with the fingers. If it is too dry. Seedlings are scattered and easy to float; if they are too wet, the amount of seedlings transferred is too large and the number of plants per hole exceeds the limit.

3. Before transplanter is used for rice transplanter preparation, check the gasoline and oil in the engine, check the oil and gear oil in each gear box, add grease to each rotating friction part, and fasten the nuts and bolts at each joint.

Fourth, make 5 technical adjustments
1. The standard clearance on the side of the pin and rail socket is l.3-1.7mm. When the gap is not correct, loosen the rail adjuster handle slightly and adjust the guide rails left and right so that the left and right gaps are the same.
2. The standard gap between the side of the needle and the seedling box is 1.5-.5mm. When the clearance is not correct, loosen the fastening bolts of the seedling box and the seedling box to move the slide bar. Move the seedling box left and right to adjust it so that the gap between the left and right ends is the same.
3. Adjust the distance between the holes (plant spacing). The row spacing 30 of the PF455S is very constant. The adjustment of the hole distance should be based on the fertility of the field. Rice varieties and planting time are different. Generally, the distance adjustment handle is placed in the middle position, and the distance between the holes should be controlled at l20-140mm.
4. Insertion depth adjustment. According to agronomic production requirements, the transplanter should be planted to a depth of not less than the depth of the plant. The shallower the better, the depth of the transplanter can be adjusted by changing the position of the depth-adjustment handle, which is shallow upward and downward. The insertion depth can also be adjusted by replacing the 6 jacks on the floating plate support.
5. The number of plants per hole is adjusted. Different rice varieties, the number of seedlings per hole is also different. Generally about 5 strains per hole. If it does not correspond to adjusting the amount of vertical picking and the amount of horizontal feeding, the number of picks per pinhole can be changed when the machine is inserted. Adjust the handle position every time you adjust a file, change the seedling volume to take 1mm, adjust to the left, take the amount of cerumen increased, to the right, take the amount of maggot reduction. Normally, after fixing the position of the horizontal delivery gear, adjust the amount of vertical picking by using the handle to ensure the number of seedlings per hole after the machine is inserted.

Fifth, grasp the operating technology, careful driving This is to improve the quality of mechanical transplanting, to ensure that high production is important. The operator should select the route to and from the field operation according to the convenience of adding seedlings and machinery. In the transplanting operation, the transplanter must keep a uniform speed. Can't be quick or slow or frequent downtime. At the same time, the walking route of the work should be kept linear, and the linearity of the forward operation of the rice transplanter should be corrected as much as possible without using a pinch handle or violently moving the handle frame. In order to prevent sharp bends caused by leakage plug or re-plug. The second is to pay attention to the working condition of the seedling roller in the slot of the seedling box. If it is found that the slot has roots or clay, it should be shut down in time to avoid affecting the quality of the seedling. Third, after all the seedlings or seedlings are inserted, the transplanter seedlings box must be moved to the left or right to ensure the quality of transplants.

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