How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Agricultural Pumps

Pump efficiency is a technical and economic indicator to measure the working efficiency of a pump. It refers to the ratio of the effective power of the pump (ie, the output power of the pump) to the shaft power of the pump (ie, the input power of the pump). The pump efficiency is generally 65% ​​~ 90%, large pumps up to 90%. The efficiency of the pump depends largely on the use of the pump. If the pump is not properly repaired and used, even if a high-efficiency pump is manufactured, it cannot achieve the purpose of efficient and low-cost economic operation. therefore. In the actual operation of the pump should do its best to improve the efficiency of the pump. Minimize the energy losses that occur when the pump transfers energy to the water. Reduce volume loss. Volume loss is the amount of water that leaks through the water system, including the amount of water lost from the mouth of the ring, the packing of the pump packing, and the impeller balance holes.

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Tianepitne Sodium, Tinaneptine Free Acid, Tianeptine Sulfate

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