Papaya Cultivation Management (3)

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Rust mite
Also known as rust worm, sucking edible fruit sap, so that the fruit was tea brown leather subsidence. Its control law is with red spider.
L Circo Scale Scale (Scale)
Suck fruit juice, reduce loss and quality. The anti-Han method is: using a 44% large Dimethoat emulsion 1000 times, or 33% of a Fumarose emulsion 600 times, spraying once every 10-15 days for three consecutive times.
M. Root knot nematode:
Loose sandy soil occurs. The roots are initially large and small, followed by brownish rot. Plant malnutrition, lack of water, and growth are often accompanied by withering. The leaves turn yellow and the fruit is small and odorless. Its prevention is as follows:
N. Snail
Eating seedlings, tender hearts and buds are the most dangerous from April to October every year. Its prevention and control method is as follows:
a. Choose empty seedlings without weeds.
b. Take manual capture sooner or later.
c. After the seedlings are planted, they are protected by large plastic bags.
d. Within a square meter, acetaldehyde and Aritox (10-15 pellets) are trapped to kill snails. The snail dies by eating a small amount, and the remaining ones continue to be used.
16, cultivator and weeding:
After the planting, the herbicide should be sprayed immediately between the gutters to prevent weeds. After using the herbicide, the pesticide barrel can not be used as a pesticide if it is not completely removed. The pesticide must be sprayed evenly on the surface of the soil, and it must not be sprayed on the roots of stems and leaves. When the wind is strong or it is raining, it is not advisable to spray it. If there is weeds, we will bury and weed them in appropriate amounts. Do not dig the soil too deep to prevent injury to the roots.
17, remove axillary buds:
The axillary buds that grow in the young leaves will consume water and delay the flowering results, hindering ventilation and ventilation, and are prone to pests and diseases. Therefore, high levels will be removed early in the day when sunny.
18. Thinning of fruit and cutting of old leaves. Fruits with pests and overcrowded fruits with poor pollination shape will be removed at high levels in the results period. Dead leaves are prone to induce diseases and pests. When strong winds penetrate the skin, affecting the value of the commodity, and the photosynthesis decline of the old leaves, in order to avoid increasing the consumption of nutrients to increase ventilation and reduce the incidence of diseases and insect pests by sunlight, they should be cut off at any time. The long handle will fall in the appropriate period.
19, wind damage after treatment:
After strong winds or typhoons, the following treatment should be carried out immediately so that tree vigor can be quickly restored. A garden drainage to avoid root rot. B Fertilize or spray the leaves with 0.05% urea solution. C plant lodging or blade breakage is severely fixed by brackets (do not remember to raise seedlings), dry stems are cultivated, and newspapers are used to cover the fruits so as to avoid sunburn. D Spray pesticides in full to prevent epidemics. E If the roots and leaves are severely damaged and the tree vigor is weakened, it is advisable to remove the small fruit from the upper section with fruit thinning.
20. When papaya seedlings are planted for one month, a variety of corns need to be planted around the seedlings and in the cold winds that hit the north. Because papaya trees are susceptible to roundworm infections caused by roundworms, corn is more likely to attract roundworms to feed on them, and when aphids ingest corn, they naturally reduce the chance of infectious toxins. In the winter, the corn widely cultivated in the north area has the effect of preventing wind and cold. Due to the short corn planting period, it takes several times.

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