Management of Edible Mushrooms After Mushrooming

After the mushrooms have mushroomed, in order to enhance the stamina of the mushroom and increase the yield of the mushroom, refer to the following methods: Since the current season is still relatively cold, it is necessary to create suitable conditions for long-lasting mushrooms. The film on the mushroom bed must be covered when the mushroom is peeled off. Pleurotus shed should spread the cover on the shed, the mushroom shed should be covered with a layer of film on the exterior of the shed, and the outdoor shed should be covered with shade nets or straw and other insulation. After the above measures are taken, the temperature inside the greenhouse can be raised by 5°C to 10°C, which can greatly promote the growth of edible fungi. Pay attention to pay. Before replenishment, open the shed door for ventilation for 3 to 4 days. When replenishing water, water injection needle can be used to pierce the bacillus. With the pressure of the water pump, the bacterium can absorb enough water in a short period of time to use well water. The principle of water spray is: spray water, mushrooms and more time and more spray, when the mushroom less spray, bud more than spray, harvest time spray. Mushrooms basically do not need replenishment in winter. Pay attention to ventilation. After the occurrence of mushroom buds, the air is vigorous. If air does not circulate and carbon dioxide is deposited too much, it will inhibit the formation and growth of fruit bodies. Ventilation should be carried out before and after noon at high temperatures. The time is 10 to 20 minutes. When entering or exiting the shed, they should enter and exit from the south side of the shed to prevent cold and cold winds from attacking. Pay attention to top dressing. Edible fungus is usually topped with a nutrient solution. There are usually 3 methods for adding nutrient solution: spraying, soaking, and cavitation. It is advisable to use a large number of fruit bodies when spraying, and it should be noted that the nozzles should not face the fruit body. The soaking method is mainly used for bagged edible fungus. After the harvesting of 1 to 2 oyster mushrooms, if the cultivation bag is in a state of serious water shortage, it can be soaked in a well-matched nutrient solution until it recovers or approaches the original. When it's weight. The method of irrigating acupuncture points is mainly used on the bed of bacteria. This method can be used when the mushroom bed has many mushrooms and the consumption of water and nutrients is too large. The specific method is to drill the bed of bacteria at a distance of 10 cm, diffuse the prepared nutrient solution into the bed of bacteria, and cover the soil after adding the nutrient solution.

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