What are the production techniques for precision seeding?

Seeds should be germinated for 1-2 times between 10 and 20 days before sowing in order to understand the germination of the seeds. Seed quality should meet the following criteria, purity not less than 96%, netity not less than 98%, germination rate not less than 85%, and moisture content not exceeding 13% (13% higher than the north of the Great Wall and the alpine region. But no more than 16%). 1) Reasonably determine the amount of the next species. The amount of seed under the theory is generally determined according to the planting density required by the variety, taking into account the germination rate, pests, grasses, rats, and other factors, appropriate increase in the number of the next species; when the germination rate is lower than the standard requirements after germination test, to be encrypted sowing . The sowing depth ensures that the distance from the seed to the surface after cracking is 3-4cm. 2) Strictly cultivated land quality. The site of the machine's tumbling land requires that the soil in the cultivating layer be finely crushed, the surface be flat, and the amount of debris and weeds should be such that it does not affect the sowing requirement. Rigid blocks require ridges to be neat, uniform ridge spacing, fine topsoil, and no debris on the surface. Deep plowing soil preparation should be greater than 20cm; deep plowing soil preparation must reach 30-40cm. 3) Science deep application of fertilizer. Fertilizer varieties and quantities should be determined based on the soil fertility and the set yield, and refer to the amount of fertilization in the previous agronomic requirements. Before planting, understand the soil fertility. Consult the local agricultural technology department. Fertilizer deep application in the seed 5-8cm, seed side about 5cm, and as far as possible layered fertilization. 4) Crackdown at the right time after sowing. In order to ensure that the seed after sowing is in close contact with the soil and to reduce the loss, the repression should be carried out in time after sowing. The roller can choose to have a heavy roller or "V" type roller suppressor. The repression strength is mainly based on the soil moisture content (lyrhythm), the repression intensity after general site preparation is 400-500g/cm2, and the repression strength after sowing depends on the soil moisture content, and the moisture content is 18-22%, reaching 650g. /cm2, reduce the pressure when the moisture content is high.

Electric Over Blanket is similar to Electric Under Blanket, but a bit different.

Electric over blanket is used by covering human body to keep warm.

Normally electric over blanket is not recommended to be used during sleeping, as it might cause overheating, although it has the function of overheating protection.

Normally over blanket shuts off after 2 hours, for the sake of safety.

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electric over blanket

Electric Over Blanket

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