Tieling vegetable cultivation technology in Tieling, Liaoning

The radish dish is cultivated for about 70 kilograms.

About 5,000 kilograms per acre of high-quality cooked farmyard fertilizer, turned into the soil, so that the soil and manure mixed evenly, smashing flat surface, made of a flat width of 1 meter to wait for sowing.

Using the dry seed live broadcast method, the seeds used can be ordinary radish with lower prices, so the main use of radish seeds. Can be broadcast or drilled. The sowing method is to irrigate the surface of the sampan, spread the seeds evenly, and cover the bed with a thickness of 1 cm. Drilling method is to open 7-8 ditch on a 1m wide ravine, 4 to 5cm deep, and throw seeds along the ditch. Since the seeds are nearly round, the last of the ditch thrown to the ditch can roll into the ditch. After throwing seed and sowing, cover the soil uniformly by 1 to 1.5 centimeters, step it along the ditch again, and then drench the water. The effect of stepping on the bottom grid is suitable for the relatively loose growth environment of eucalyptus, which is conducive to seed germination. If the soil is sow when planting, do not step on the bottom. grid.

After sowing, the temperature is maintained at 20-23°C during the day and 6-8°C at night. It can be unearthed in about 4 days, and it can be harvested in about 20 days. As the temperature in the natural world rises, the harvest period gradually decreases.

Radish vegetables have a short growth period and a small amount of evaporation. No watering or fertilization is required after sowing.

Due to the short growing period of radish vegetables, it can be planted continuously, or it can be planted 2-3 茬, and later it is easy to get black root disease. After the disease, radish vegetables fall into pieces and die, in order to prevent the occurrence of radish black root disease. After planting 2 pods, it is best to disinfect radish with a soil disinfectant.

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