Fertilizer and Farm Fertilizer Matching

Fertilizers and farmyard fertilizers should pay attention to the following points:

1, application time. Farmyard fertilizers are slow to take effect and should be applied early. They are generally used before they are sowed at the same time. However, the use of chemical fertilizers is small and the effect is quick. Generally, it should be applied about 7 days before the peak period of crop absorption and nutrition.

2, application methods. Farming manure should be applied in combination with deep plowing into the soil, or combined with ridges and buckled into the ridge bottom. Nitrogen fertilizer with farmyard fertilizer, 30% for the base fertilizer, 70% for top dressing, phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer as a base fertilizer one-time application.

3, the number of applications. Fertilizer and farmyard fertilizer application, the amount can be different according to crop and soil fertility, such as corn in the infertile ground, can be applied every farmhouse fertilizer 4 cubic meters, urea 24kg, phosphate fertilizer 13kg, or three 15% compound fertilizer 13kg; medium fertility soil can apply farmhouse manure 3 cubic, urea 20kg, or apply 3 15% compound fertilizer 12kg; high fertility soil can apply farmhouse manure 2.5 cubic, urea 15kg. Urea is more effective when topdressing, and base fertilizer is better for compound fertilizers.

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