Cotton should pay attention to foliar spray fertilizer

The long growth period of cotton has a relatively large demand for nutrients, and the root function of the later period is significantly reduced. However, the larger leaf surface and stronger absorption function have a significant effect on the yield increase.

Spray nitrogen fertilizer to prevent premature aging: In late August to early September, spraying with 1% urea solution, 40-50 kg per mu, spraying once every 7 days or so, even spraying 2-3 times can promote photosynthesis and prevent premature aging.

Spray phosphorus to promote premature: From late August, with superphosphate 1 kg plus 50 kg of water, after the solution to take the filtrate, spray 50 kg per acre, once every 7 days, even spray 2-3 times, can promote seed plump , increase the boll weight, early boil.

Spraying boron fertilizer attack peach: generally from the boll phase with one-thousandth boric acid aqueous solution spraying, 50 kg per acre, every 7 days once, and even spray 2-3 times, is conducive to a number of peaches, peaches.

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