To prevent olive fruit from falling ill after harvest

At present, the post-harvest diseases of olive fruits reported at home and abroad are all invasive, mainly caused by pathogenic fungi with latent infestation characteristics, and some are brought into storage during infection in the field. There are:

1. Aspergillus

The main disease after fruit harvest. It is easy to happen during storage and transportation.

Symptoms: At the onset of the disease, large patches of light brown to brown irregularities appear on the fruit, and a layer of moldy layer grows. The diseased fruit gradually loses water, dryness, and shrinks. The pathogenic bacteria infested to form black moldy layer or infestation. Yellow spotted moldy layer.

2. Olive blight

The result is likely to occur later in the high temperature and humidity.

Symptoms: At the beginning of the disease, water-stained lesions appear on the fruit surface, and the fruit surface becomes brown; then, the lesions gradually expand, and multiple lesions are connected to each other, causing most of the fruit surface to rot. Freckles often appear on the edge of the lesion. When the humidity is high, white mold layer can be seen everywhere.

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