Rabbits must breed "six defenses" in winter and spring

First, anti-warm temperature is too low. In winter and early spring, the temperature in the rabbit house must be controlled. The suitable temperature for general rabbits is 15-25°C and the minimum critical temperature is 5°C. If the critical temperature is exceeded, the energy consumption increases and the feed utilization rate decreases. In general, rabbit house temperature control above 10°C can achieve breeding.

Second, prevention of lack of green feed. The diet of winter female rabbits was: corn 35%, soybean cake 20%, bran 15%, grass powder 28%, salt 0.5%, bone powder 1%, multi-dimensional 0.5%. In order to avoid shortage of green and green fodder in winter and spring, female rabbits can be fed with sliced ​​carrots or filaments to supplement vitamins. The general ration is 1 kilogram per day.

Third, prevent poor air circulation. In order to raise the temperature of rabbit houses, farmers tend to increase the density of livestock breeding, resulting in air pollution and prone to respiratory diseases, affecting the normal reproduction of rabbits. Therefore, attention should be paid to keeping the air in the rabbit house fresh, setting up air exchange ports, and often opening up, but Do not let the cold air blow directly to the rabbit.

Fourth, prevent the lack of sunlight. A dark, damp environment can easily breed pathogenic microorganisms, and lack of light can affect rabbit growth and reproduction. In winter, the relative humidity of the rabbit house should be controlled at 50-60%. In the daytime, try to let the rabbits get more sun, or place the rabbit cages on the yang side of the rabbit house. Artificial light will be taken sooner or later, generally about 5 watts per square meter, and the light time is about 1 hour.

Fifth, anti-feed frozen feed. There is no freezing problem with pellet feeds. If wet feed is used, it will freeze and it will easily cause digestive diseases such as indigestion and diarrhea. Therefore, wet mixes should be mixed with fresh water or warm water.

Six, to prevent the occurrence of disease. Strengthen the epidemic prevention measures in rabbit houses to prevent the occurrence of colds, itch, and pasteurization. Do a clean sweep of the rabbit house, observe the rabbit group, find the sick rabbit, and isolate the treatment in time.

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