Ministry of Health investigates children with Dumex milk powder

On the 26th, Mr. Zhang, the head of the Office of the Ministry of Health's General Office of the Ministry of Health, visited an expert, Zhao Lianhai, who was in charge of the “Baby House” and responded to the investigation on the compensation of children with stones and the investigation of Dumex milk powder. Replied that Dumex milk powder was recently exposed to suspected kidney stones, the Ministry of Health has sent a letter to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine officially involved in the investigation.
Since the beginning of this month, some parents suspected that Dumex infant formula may cause calculus in infants. The quality inspection department did not detect melamine from milk powder. Dumex also refused to compensate with milk powder.
However, parents who had been diagnosed with stones due to consumption of Dumex did not stop. The reporter learned from Zhao Lianhai, the head of the "Baby House", that as of yesterday, they have officially received 136 cases of Dumbo milk powder for infants suffering from stones, and prepared to hand over the list to the Ministry of Health recently, with a view to causing relevant departments. Pay attention to it.
Parents received
Dumex and Hospital
Yesterday, many parents of babies received Dumex and the hospital, and they asked the children to go to the hospital. Previously, Dumex had always claimed that its milk powder had no problem, and its attitude towards the treatment and compensation of sick babies has been relatively tough. Some parents expressed some strangeness about Dumex’s “uncharacteristics” yesterday.
In the group of "Baby's Home", Gansu's baby parent Wang Mingda consulted, "Today, our Dumex is coming to visit, and said that we should take the children to find a better hospital for inspection. How is your situation there?"
Parents of babies in some other provinces also confirmed the same news. Ms. Zhang from Jiangsu told reporters in the middle that she received the second people's hospital in Changzhou today and asked her family about the illness of Dumex.
The reporter also learned from Tongji Hospital of Hubei Province that in the first half of this month, when Dumex milk powder was reported to have problems, it received a notice from the higher authorities to register all the babies who were sick of Dumex milk powder.
Some babies' parents also compared Dolce's attitude with other companies, and they were quite vocal about the company's relatively tough attitude. Wang Mingda said that when he had just checked out the stones, he asked Dumex to look at the house, but "Domezi said that he did not come, and repeatedly stated that their products are good." "If you have a problem, you have to face it. If you don't face it today, there will be big problems sooner or later," said Wang Mingda.
AQSIQ further investigate
Dumex safety
In fact, in the Sanlu milk powder incident last year, including the complaints of many parents of the baby, the quality inspection department did not detect melamine in the Dumex milk powder sampling.
However, more than 100 parents said that their children were eating Dumex milk powder, and all the stones were found in the examination. Therefore, they have been reporting problems to the manufacturers and are ready to report to the relevant departments.
The Ministry of Health recently responded to the investigation of the Dumex milk powder incident in a letter entitled "Response to the "Three Deer Milk Powder Incidents"). "The QC is conducting a further investigation into the safety of Dumex products. Verify."
"Reply" said, "Our Ministry has sent a letter to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine to investigate the treatment of Dumex milk powder suspected of causing kidney stones." According to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, the 177 batches of Dumex products (including 15 September 2008) The melamine test was carried out on the batch produced before the 14th, and the results met the limit value requirements. At the same time, from September 14th, Shanghai sent a resident supervisor to Dumex to conduct on-site supervision. At present, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine is organizing the relevant departments of Shanghai to further investigate and verify the quality and safety of Dumex products.
"Response" also said, "In view of the complicated clinical pathogenesis of kidney stones in infants and young children, our department has organized experts to conduct epidemiological investigations on children with Dumex milk powder, from formula ingredients, raw materials use, infant feeding methods, etc. Factor analysis. At the same time, strive to collect samples of children with Dumex milk powder for testing and analysis, and the progress will be feedback to parents."

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