Market prospect of China's triangular filter tea packaging machine pharmaceutical packaging machine

Prospect of the prospect of triangular charter
At present, the triangular charter is mainly used for the processing of European and American markets. The consumption level in the European and American markets is high, the consumption is large, the processing fee is low in China, and the processing quality is good. Therefore, the current contracted business volume is very large. On the other hand, due to the high technical difficulty of equipment, no unit in China has mastered this technology before. In the past, China's equipment was mainly imported from Japan, and only five or six companies in the country had a small amount of such equipment. This kind of equipment is very expensive, a basic type of equipment, the price of up to 580,000 yuan, so the general enterprise can not afford to import. Even if the equipment is imported, once the fault occurs, the company cannot repair it, which will cause great losses. As a result, many companies face a large number of international processing orders, showing a state of extreme helplessness. On the other hand, this form of packaging is very beneficial to the expansion of the high-end beverage market. With the popularity of foreign countries, it is bound to be popular in China, so many companies are eager for domestic packaging machinery manufacturers to develop such equipment.
The call of the market is both an opportunity and a challenge. We, Shanghai Qinding Co., Ltd., in line with the trend of the market, according to the characteristics of the triangle package, after a year of development, finally mastered the equipment manufacturing technology. Our equipment has been used by many users. Through continuous improvement, it has become more and more mature. The technical indicators are close to the same type of equipment in Japan. Some aspects have been optimized and simplified, and the performance has surpassed that imported from Japan. The core components of the equipment, Japanese manufacturers are not for non-user units, but we have already localized the company through cooperation with domestic research institutions. Our manufacturing costs have a great competitive advantage. And after-sales service is very convenient, can be timely, effective, and thoughtful, users can have no worries.
With the successful development of the equipment by Shanghai Qinding Company, it has had a positive impact on the external processing and internal promotion of the triangular package. Recently, there have been units to negotiate the purchase of triangular charter for external contract processing industry and internal expansion of the high-end market. From this, we can foresee that the market of high-end bag products will be flourished due to China's participation.
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