How to Manage the Production of Greenhouse Tomatoes in Winter

How to manage the production of tomatoes in greenhouses in the winter To grow tomatoes is a good way for farmers to get rich. To strengthen the management of the growth period of tomatoes is the key to high yield and high efficiency. (1) Do a good job in management of growth period. Including cultivating and weeding, water conservation, arranging vines, pruning, removing old leaves, ventilation and light transmission, strengthening control of pests and diseases, and strengthening temperature management. Among them, diseases of tomatoes mainly include viral diseases, bacterial wilt, early blight, and late blight; insect pests mainly include cotton bollworm and aphids. Diseases of tomatoes can be prevented and intractable, and should be based on "defense." Virus disease prevention methods include: selection of disease-resistant varieties, seed disinfection, seedling depression, control of aphids, appropriate early planting and so on. The temperature management is to appropriately increase the ventilation of the greenhouse during the day so that the temperature inside the greenhouse can be maintained at about 25°C. The night temperature is maintained between 10-13 °C. When starting to vent, the air outlet should be small to large, ranging from small to large. After the temperature decreases in the afternoon, the air outlet will be gradually reduced or closed. (2) Do a good job of fertilizer and water management. The growth period of tomatoes generally does not require watering during the summer and autumn rainy seasons, but when the 2nd to 3rd fruits are ripe when they are dry, they should be properly watered. According to the growth of tomato plants, timely topdressing to promote fruit development, flower protection and fruit preservation. Fertilizer than tomato tomatoes, their fruit surface color sweetness output are higher than a few grades, generally as a base fertilizer can be applied to the golden baby microbial fertilizer, top dressing can be applied to the gold seedling root strong or seedling strong, if spraying gold Baby sweetening spirit will make it look more beautiful and sweet. If the deficiency of the individual greenhouses is more serious, it can be used to spray Jinbao supplements to boost the spirit (promote the growth-promoting spirit), which has a special effect. (3) timely fruit picking. Ripe tomatoes have matured, discolored, matured, and matured for four periods. Storage and preservation can be harvested during the green season. The transport can be harvested during the discoloration period (1/3 of the fruit turns red). Local sale or self-feeding should be harvested when ripe fruit is more than 1/3 red. Harvesting should be carried out gently and lightly. Picking is best done without a fruit pedicle to prevent the fruits in the shipment from being stabbed each other. Before the first frost, if there are unripe green fruits, they should be picked up and stored in the greenhouse until the fruit becomes ripe and then listed. This will not only extend the supply period, but also increase the economic benefits. In the fruit ripening period should not use hormones to stimulate fruit coloring, after selection and packing sales, its benefits are to reduce production costs, improve the quality of the fruit, but also to protect the consumer's food safety.

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