White golden mushroom cultivation technology

Flammulina is one of the earliest edible fungi cultivated in China. The meat is crisp, delicious and nutritious, and it is loved by people. White enoki mushroom is especially tender and soft, and its color is excellent and it sells well overseas. With the expansion of its planting area, it is becoming more and more important to understand its growth characteristics and master its cultivation techniques. Now it is briefly introduced as follows.

First, select the appropriate cultivation time White mushroom is mostly low-temperature varieties, suitable temperature growth of 18 ~ 20 °C, mushroom formation temperature 10 ~ 13 °C, fruiting body growth temperature 6 ~ 8 °C. Accordingly, white needle mushroom is generally suitable for cultivation of mushrooms from October to early March.

Second, the preparation of culture materials culture materials to wood chips and rice bran is appropriate. Sawdust is most suitable for finely chopped willow and cedar shavings. Before use, it is best to have more than one year of accumulation. During the accumulation process, watering is often done to keep the wood chips wet to remove the harmful substances in the wood chips. The proportion of wood chips should be reasonable: 20% of the general diameter of 2 ~ 3mm, 40% of 1 ~ 2mm, 40% of the following 1mm, more coarse wood chips, easy to dry the medium, more wood chips, poor permeability, impact Mycelial growth rate. Rice bran contains all the nutrients needed for the growth and development of white needle mushroom, but rice bran and defatted rice bran, which contain more starch, have already deteriorated and should not be used as much as possible. The volume ratio of sawdust to rice bran is 3:1, about 350 kg of water is added per m3 of mix, and the moisture content of culture material is 63%. Stir the ingredients well to make them moist.

Third, bottling sterilization with 800mL plastic bottles, about 480g per bottle. The surface of the culture material should be compacted, and ensure that each bottle is filled with equal amount of culture material, tight and uniform, and the same level. This is the premise that the future development will be consistent, the mushroom will be the same, and the length of the stipe will be the same.

After the cap is sealed, it should be sterilized immediately. If it is left for a long time (2~3h in summer), it will be fermented and the sterilized medium will turn black. This kind of culture material will cause bacterial growth to be slow, and the yield will be low. Sterilization can be carried out under normal pressure sterilization and autoclave sterilization. Atmospheric pressure sterilization, maintain the material temperature above 98 °C and maintain 4h; autoclave, the material temperature reaches 120 °C 70min, sterilization is completed, the bottle is placed in the sterilized cooling chamber, cooling to 25 ~ 20 °C In time vaccination.

IV. Inoculation is generally carried out in a sterile room. The ratio of strains to culture materials is 1:50. The strains are required to cover the surface of the culture material so that the mycelium can grow evenly and the contamination of bacteria can be effectively prevented.

Fifth, mycelium culture will be connected to a good species of bacteria in a timely manner into the culture room, should control the temperature at 18 ~ 20 °C, air humidity in the 60% to 70%, placed 390 bottles per m2, generally 2 days or so mycelium Start sprouting. Ventilation twice a day, every 30min, 20 ~ 25 days, mushroom can be covered with mycelium mycelium.

Sixth, the so-called mushroom is the use of mushroom fungus machine (or manual) to remove the old strains and bacterial blight, which is an important measure to promote the occurrence of thick base mycelium, through the fungus can cause fruiting bodies from the surface of the medium. In normal circumstances, the normal growth of the mycelium should be the first bottle, then the growth of mycelia is poor. It is better if there is obvious pollution. There are several methods of flatworm, scraping, and air blast. Pingshuo does not damage the material surface, only the old strains are knocked out. This method has many advantages, such as early mushrooming and many flowering numbers. Scraping is the scraping of old strains and 5mm surface material (suitable for sawdust) together in a lump. Injury of mycelium, mushrooming late, the number of flowers is reduced, generally do not. Air helium is the use of high-pressure air flow to blow off old strains. This method is the easiest.

VII. The buds should be promptly treated after budding mushrooms. The temperature should be controlled at 12-13°C during this period, and sufficient temperature stimulation should be given to promote the formation of primordia. However, in the first 3 days, 90% to 95% of the relative humidity of the air should be maintained so that the mycelium can grow again. Afterwards, due to the rapid growth of the respiratory tract, the carbon dioxide content increased. Therefore, after the recovery of the hyphae, ventilation should be gradually increased. At the same time, the surface of the material should be prevented from drying out, and the humidifier should be used for humidification. 140 capsules per m2 stacked at the time of budding. About 7 days or so, you can see the fish-like mushroom buds. You can see the fruit body embryos in about 12 days and the buds are over.

Eighth, homogenization and suppression of both male and female is a transitional stage of inhibition treatment, the room temperature should be controlled at about 8 °C, air humidity 85% to 90%, the air environment seeks to be close to the natural state, in order to promote the differentiation of buds in the low temperature environment. When the mushroom bud grows to 0.2 to 2cm, it is transferred to the inhibition stage, the temperature is adjusted to 4 to 6°C, the air humidity is 85% to 90%, the carbon dioxide concentration is less than 0.1%, and the hair is blown and 200Lux of light is applied (2 to 3 hours per day ), To promote the uniform length of the stipe mushroom, tissue tight, color milky white. Inhibition is mainly to use the slow wind to direct the fruiting body to boast. Place 150 bottles per m2. At low temperatures and cold winds, although the fruit bodies grow slowly, they are neat, strong, and strong. When the fruit body grows 3 cm from the bottle, it can be put on a paper tube and transferred to the childbirth room.

9. Fertility and Harvesting The room temperature at the birth stage should be controlled at 8-13°C, air humidity is 75%, light is mainly dark, 200 bottles are placed per m2, and the fruiting body is 13 to 15cm high, and the diameter of the cap is 0.5. Harvested at ~1cm. After harvesting, the portion connected with the base of the stipe and the culture medium, the culture medium, and the poorly grown mushroom are removed and packaged according to market requirements. Generally, the polyethylene bag is used to seal the small package and each bag is 100 g.

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