Rapid detection of melamine lasers

Release date: 2009-03-05

Recently, the China Academy of Inspection and Quarantine announced that it has independently developed a laser Raman spectrometer and supporting reagents for rapid detection of melamine on site using laser Raman technology. Using this instrument and supporting reagents, it is possible to quantitatively detect more than 0.5 ppm (parts per million) of melamine in liquid milk with an accuracy of 100%, and each sample takes only half a minute to test.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences combined with nano- and laser technology, using laser Raman instrument, successfully developed on-site rapid detection of melamine content in liquid milk and supporting sensitizing reagents, which can greatly improve the sensitivity of traditional Raman detection and overcome the sample matrix. Interference, realizing the rapid and accurate analysis of melamine in experimental samples. It is reported that the foreign technology reported by the same kind of foreign technology for the detection of milk samples, plus sample processing, takes a total of 50 minutes, and can not achieve quantitative detection of melamine. According to Zou Mingqiang, chief expert and researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the melamine field speed measuring instrument is portable, and one batch can process 24 samples; the price is low, the cost of mass production of each speed measuring instrument is about 50,000 yuan, and the cost of testing reagents is not more than 10 yuan / sample; simple, accurate and reliable operation, verified by a number of third-party laboratories, and the national standard analysis method reached 100%. At present, the technology and equipment have been applied in several large dairy companies in China. Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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