Transplanter common fault handling

Poor or occurrence of floating seedlings

Cause: The seedling seedbed has too much or too little moisture; the depth of the seedlings is improperly adjusted; the surface of the paddy field is too soft or too soft; Remedy: In addition to taking corresponding measures, the speed of transplanting can be slowed down, and the non-ride type transplanter can also press down the handlebar.

After inserting the seedlings, the seedlings are scattered.

Reasons: Pusher pushes out small stroke; seedbed is too dry or moisture is too large; Miao piece and Miao piece joint are not fit tightly; paddy field top soil is too hard or too soft. Remedy: In addition to taking relative measures, reduce the insertion speed, replace the jaws, clean or replace the guide groove.

Missing hole exceeds the standard

Reason: Miao field sowing is not uniform; seedlings arched or seedlings stuck card; take the mouth with inclusions; seedlings plate width caused by the vertical delivery difficulties. Remedy: Re-install the seedlings or cut the seedlings into standard widths; remove debris from the seedlings; replace the seedlings with non-uniform density.

All rows of seedlings are not uniform

Reason: The water content of the bed soil is not uniform; the adjustment of each line is inconsistent; the inconsistency of the vertical feeding tension will also make the lines uneven. Exclusion method: In addition to taking corresponding measures to solve, for some transplanters can adjust the feeding wheel one by one, so that each vertical feeding stroke is 11-12mm.

Save at the door

Causes: The claws are worn out and the seedlings cannot be fully taken; the two tips of the claws are not uniform and the jaws are too narrow or wide apart; the seedlings are too thick and the bedbed soil has a standard thickness of 2.5-3cm. Remedy: Replace the new jaw or correct the distance between the jaws.

How much time is it?

Reason: Take loosening adjustment bolts loose; pendulum lower hole and connecting rod shaft wear. Remedy: Re-adjust the take-off volume and tighten the adjustment bolts; replace the swing rod and connecting rod shaft.

Clip seedlings

Causes: Needle tip wear; Separation needle upturned; Platen groove deep grinding; Wear of pusher; Wear of guide bushing; Breaking of push spring; Fork and cam wear. Remedy: Replace worn parts.

Inconsistent depth between lines

Cause: The wear of the fork, fork shaft, push cam, etc. of each planting arm is inconsistent; each chain box is not on the same level. Remedy: Correct the chain boxes on the same level first and then replace the worn parts.

Depth adjustment failure

Cause: The sliding rod or the lifting nut produces the sliding buckle; the fixing pin hole grinds; the rectangular tube fixing pin shaft seat breaks. Remedy: Replace lifting rods, nuts, or pins; weld fixing pins.

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