The symptoms and prevention of gosling dysphagia in goslings

Under 2 weeks of age, the digestive organs of the goslings have not yet been fully developed and have weak digestive functions. If the feeding management is improper, it may cause indigestion. As soon as the gosling emerges from the shell, it feeds a feed with a higher content of crude fiber; it suddenly changes the feed formulation and the amount of feed; there is no fine sand in the feed and the digestive function of the stomach and stomach is poor. In addition, sudden changes in the weather and other factors can easily lead to the occurrence of the disease.


The diseased young person is in a weak spirit, his head is closed, his feathers are dull, his wings are drooping, and his appetite is reduced or eliminated. The stool is thin and the frequency of defecation increases. It is light green or white, sometimes with foam or mucus, and sour. There is filth and adhesion around the anus and poor growth and development of diseased chicks.


The first is to improve feeding management. Gosling feed should be nutritionally comprehensive, easy to digest, no spoilage, and it is best to feed now and not feed overnight. Feeding should be done regularly. For the first 7 days of the brooding period, warm water is used to mix the ingredients. The baby's drinking water should be replaced with warm boiled water. After 5 days of age, add the appropriate amount of fine sand to the feed. For goslings that have already developed, they can be fed with yeast tablets or lactase, 0.2 grams per goose each time, fed with spices, and used for 2 days; for young geese with symptoms of diarrhea, furazolidone can be added to the feed. 0.04% or charcoal shavings 2%, once every 2 days Jiyu.

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