To produce high yields of corn and fertilizer

It is the summer corn dressing season. Comparing the summer corn with the spring corn, the summer corn has two major characteristics. First, the growth period is short, usually about 100 days. The seedling growth is in the high temperature and rainy season. The second is the summer corn planting pattern for the winter wheat and a summer corn rotation. system. In some areas, farmers harvested the winter wheat and immediately sowed the summer corn. Farmers called this time the Three Summers period to grab the crop and grab it. Since it is a double grab, there will be no time to turn the ground and the soil preparation, and the summer corn will not be applied to the seed fertilizer. In some areas, corn is planted before wheat is harvested. The common feature of the above two types of areas is that no basal fertilizer can be applied before sowing summer corn. Therefore, the method of fertilizing summer corn depends on seed fertilizer and top dressing. How to grasp the summer corn seed fertilizer and top dressing it? The specific method is to combine the sowing and application of seed fertilizer in the sowing of summer corn. The amount of seed fertilizer is about 10 kg/mu, and the compound fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ratio of 15%-10%-15% is selected for the fertilizer. The fertilization method is to fertilize and then cover the soil. Such as the corn seedlings grow to the trumpet period, he timely fertilizer the second time, Mushi 20 kg urea, buried after the hole, and then irrigation. In the past two years, the average yield of the summer corn he planted at the time of harvest was more than 450 kg, and some of them reached a staggering amount.

The following points are worth paying attention to:

1. Miaofei's time is well-accepted, reflecting the principle that timely application of summer maize seedling fertilizer and topdressing should be applied in a timely manner.

2. The types of fertilization reflect the characteristics of NPK nutrient balance application of seedling fertilizer, and highlight the characteristics of topdressing N fertilizer in the growing season. The first time the seedlings were treated with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, and the second top dressing was applied with nitrogenous fertilizers.

3. In the determination of the amount of fertilizer, both fertilizers were applied to compound fertilizer and urea. The yield of summer corn obtained in that year was 450-500 kg/mu. This amount of fertilizer is an economical and optimized reasonable amount.

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