Electric drying oven maintenance manual II

Maintenance first volume two

1. Explosive, flammable and volatile materials should not be placed in the dry box to avoid explosion.

2. The average load of the sample shelf should not exceed 15kg.

3. Items cannot be placed on the shelf between the sample chamber and the heating chamber to avoid affecting heat exchange.

4. Be sure to check the nickel wire for overlap and short circuit before use.

5. The heating indicator does not light, there are generally three reasons: 1 the bulb is broken; 2 the bulb is in poor contact; 3 the heating system is faulty.

Maintenance and maintenance of the electric drying oven: 6. Turn on the heating switch without heating. There are generally four reasons: 1 nickel-chromium wire breaking; 2 switch and line desoldering; 3 temperature control knob refers to zero position (rotation temperature control knob to the specified temperature scale); 4 relay damage.

7. Temperature control failure, the general reasons are three: 1 temperature probe damage (replacement of thermistor); 2 relay damage; 3 other components of the temperature control system failure (using a universal meter to detect the fault, repair according to circumstances).

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