The fur market is placid

Fur sales are stable

In the near term, suede sales are stable. The North American auction is about to start shooting, and the middlemen in Shangcun and Shishi remain in a wait-and-see attitude. The price of Dalian Qichunpi (a raw hide) is about 255~260 yuan, and Shandong Qichunpi (a raw hide) price is about 240~250 yuan. It is expected that the mink price will continue for this period and there will not be much change.

Silver Fox and Blue Frost Fox sell stable

Silver Fox has enjoyed stable sales in the recent period. Affected by the decline in the price of imported silver foxes, the prices of domestic silver foxes have also changed. The price of 90-95cm is about 630 yuan, and the price of 85-90cm is about 550 yuan. Due to the high price of skins, sales at low-price and spring skins are pleasing. The domestic blue cream fox was sold steadily in the near-term period, the price of 90-95cm was about 480 yuan, and the price of 85-90cm was about 430 yuan. It is expected that the prices of silver fox and blue fox will continue for some time.

Sales of blue fox and white fox gradually rise slightly

In the near future, the sales of blue foxes in the villages and historical records remained smooth, and prices rose slightly. The price above 100cm is around 350 yuan, and the price between 95cm and 100cm is around 300-330 yuan. The price of 90cm-95cm is about 270 yuan, and the price of 85cm-90cm is about 220 yuan. With the increase of market usage, the blue fox will rise steadily.

The sales of the white fox are slow, the price of 90cm is about 260-280 yuan, and the price of 85cm-90cm is about 220-240 yuan. It is estimated that the downturn of the arctic fox will remain for some time.

Rabbit skin, rabbit skin sales stability

Recent history, Shangcun market, Rex rabbit skin sales, stable prices. Head skin (cooked) 40 ~ 45 yuan / Zhang around; a skin (hides) in 25 ~ 30 yuan / Zhang about.

The sales of rabbit skins are stable, and the first skin is about 25 yuan per sheet, which is mainly used for collars and caps. The secondary skin is about 20 yuan / piece. The third grade leather is about 9 yuan / piece, mainly processed into wolfberry fruit, or processed and dyed to make clothing and clothing lining.

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