Because you are younger, you have to prevent breast cancer

It seems that breast cancer has always been the disease of middle-aged and old women. But because you are young, you must start to pay attention from now on so that you will not really suffer from the disease in the future.

Because the prevalence of breast cancer remains high, and the age of the disease has been declining. Although its exact cause is still inconclusive, many studies at home and abroad have confirmed that the occurrence of breast cancer is related to the following factors: Should pay attention to:

1, pay attention to reasonable diet.

Epidemiological surveys have found that foods in high-risk areas of breast cancer generally contain large amounts of fat and animal proteins. For example, the reason why most developed countries in the west have a higher incidence of breast cancer than in developing countries is that one of the important factors is dietary habits. Women who have long-term consumption of high animal fats, high animal protein, and high-calorie foods are more likely to develop breast cancer. Therefore, attention should be paid to eating more low-fat or unsaturated fat-containing legumes and whole grains, and less rice and refined noodles. Promote a cup of yogurt every day to reduce the body's absorption of fat and increase the number of immunoglobulins.

2. In addition to properly controlling the intake of fat and animal protein during puberty, it is necessary to appropriately increase physical activity. It can also avoid excess fat accumulation in the body, delay sexual maturity, delay menarche, and establish regular menstruation. In addition, adolescent girls, especially on the eve of menarche, avoid unnecessary X-rays and other ionizing radiation, also help reduce the risk of breast cancer.

3, the pursuit of healthy beauty and a healthy lifestyle. Found in life, some women do breast augmentation surgery for the beauty of the chest, which is a detrimental to the pursuit of health. Experts believe that the presence of foreign bodies in the body is a potential danger and is not conducive to health.

Experts also reminded beauty-conscious women that they must wear bras properly. Bra tightly bundled, too thick, not only poor ventilation, but also affect the normal circulation of breast lymph, so that the harmful substances can not be promptly removed, over time, easy to make normal breast cells lesions. In addition, it is best not to wear a bra when sleeping at night. According to statistics, women who wear bras at night have a higher risk of breast cancer than women who wear bras during the day.

4, to master anti-cancer health knowledge and breast self-examination methods, is conducive to early prevention, early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment. Often breast self-examination (checked after menstruation) and once-a-year regular check-ups (especially for women over the age of 30), find abnormalities early to seek medical advice, in order to rule out or confirm.

5, women in menopause for the treatment of menopausal syndrome, the need to supplement exogenous estrogen, should maintain the minimum dose, the shortest course of treatment, and under the guidance of the doctor and observation.

6, after menopause, should pay attention to appropriate increase in physical activity, control the total calorie intake, reduce excess body fat, which is an important measure for primary prevention of breast cancer.

7, for the long-term existence of limited breast gland hyperplasia, nipple discharge, breast pain, nipple skin desquamation and other abnormal performance, especially after the menstrual period, even if the mass can not be touched, should also be carefully observed. At the same time, we must pay attention to tiny lumps with no obvious signs of malignancy, identify the causes, and perform cell examinations when necessary.

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