Tomato fertilizer damage

The occurrence of fertilizer damage to tomato not only causes the waste of chemical fertilizer, but also affects the growth of tomato. The prevention and control of tomato fertilizer should be started in advance.

1, according to the different growth period of the fertilizer on the fertilizer requirements of the different formula fertilization, avoid the use of a single fertilizer, fertilization should be uniform, immediately after fertilization watering or fertilization with water.

2. Reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers and increase the application of organic fertilizers. Biological bacterial fertilizers can also be used together with organic fertilizers.

3, the use of stratified application, full-depth application of the method in order to make the soil fertility, to avoid exposure of fertilizer on the surface.

4, remedial measures. Immediately after the appearance of fertilizer damage watering, general watering 2 to 3 times after the damage can be lifted, while spraying "Tianda-2116" to enhance the tomato's resistance.

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