Operating procedure for heat transfer oil furnace

Thermal oil furnace operating procedures: First, the inspection before starting 1, the furnace and its surroundings are clean and free of debris, check the furnace body, burner, controller, fire hole, chimney, etc. is normal;
2. Reverse the process equipment and process, check whether the oil level of the expansion tank is above the 1/4-1/2 liquid level, and whether the thermometer, pressure gauge, etc. are normal;
3. Turn on the power supply of the heating furnace control cabinet, check whether the voltage is normal, check whether the indicator light and each display instrument are normal;
4. Adjust the gas main pressure reducing valve and the secondary pressure reducing valve so that the pressure is controlled to 0.005 MPa.
Second, start 1, start the heat transfer oil circulation pump (save one prepare one, refer to the pump operation rules), after the pump is started, the normal cycle is about 0.5 hours to make the pressure stable;
2. Press the burner start button to observe whether the furnace flame is burning normally. If it does not ignite, the burner should be started again after troubleshooting.
Third, stop operation
1. Normally shut down the furnace 1 gradually reduce the temperature, turn off the burner, stop the combustion; 2 wait for the temperature of the hot oil to drop below 70 °C, stop the operation of the hot oil circulation pump (refer to the pump operation rules); 3 turn off the total power supply, do a good job Handover record.
2. Emergency shutdown If the boiler is emergency shut down due to an emergency, the burner should be quickly shut down, and the burner should be removed along the hinge of the burner to form a natural ventilation between the furnace and the chimney to dissipate the heat storage in the furnace. So that the heat transfer oil is naturally cooled to prevent overheating.
Fourth, matters needing attention
1. During the inspection, it is necessary to check whether there is leakage around the heat-conducting oil furnace. There should be sufficient fire-fighting equipment in the vicinity of the oil and electrical appliances. Water is not allowed as a fire extinguishing agent;

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