Ujimqin sheep are produced in the grassland of Uzumi in the eastern part of the Xilin Gol League in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is mainly distributed in East Ujimqin Banner and West Ujimqin Banner, as well as in parts of Xilinhot City and Abaga Banner. Uzumubi sheep is a sheep fat sheep with short fat tail, known for its large body, large tail, large body fat and fast lamb production. Uzumi is gradually cultivated through long-term natural and artificial selection under the specific local natural climate and production methods.

First, the appearance characteristics

Uzumi Muyang is a strong, physique body. The head is of medium size, slightly wider in amount, and the nose is slightly raised. Most rams have no horns, few have horns, and ewes have no horns. The chest is deep and the ribs are well opened. The chest is close to 1/2 the height of the body, the back is wide and flat, and the hindquarters are well developed. Muscular, well-balanced structure. Strong limbs, with small fat tail. Most of the coats are black sheep, accounting for about 6.2%, white people about 10%, and body colors about 11%.

Second, production performance

Ujimqin sheep is extremely extensive in feeding and management, grazing all year round, not feeding, but only when the snow can not grazing a little grass. The Ujimqin sheep grow faster and the average body weight of the male and female lambs from 2.5 to 3 months is 29.5 and 24.9 kilograms; the average male and female lambs at 6 months of age reach 40 and 36 kilograms, and the adult rams range from 60 to 70 kilograms. , Adult ewes 56 to 62 kilograms, the average carcass weight 17.90 kilograms, slaughter rate of 50%, the average net meat weight of 11.80 kilograms, the net meat rate was 33%; Uzumi mutton meat moisture content is low, rich in calcium, iron, Phosphorus and other minerals, fat accumulation between myofibrils and muscle fibers is sufficient. The lambing rate is only 100%.

Uzumu sheep is suitable for grazing all year round. It has the characteristics of rapid growth, strong fat accumulation, high meat production rate, and early sexual maturity. It is suitable for grazing and growing, and it can be used for grazing, fattening or planned fat lamb production. . At the same time, Wuzhumu sheep is also a good recipient sheep for purebred embryo transfer, and the offspring lambs have strong resistance to disease and good adaptability.

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